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XPi Fixed Piston Pumps

Models:XPi12 0523820, XPi18 0523810, XPi25 0523800, XPi32 0523790, XPi41 0523780, XPi50 0523770, XPi63 0523760, XPi80 0523640, XPi108 0523750, XPi130 0523730

XPi Pump: bent axis piston pumps for trucks

10 models available:

- from 12 to 130 cc

- 350 bar continuous

- 400 bar peak

- max speed from 1750 to 3150 rpm

XPi pump1218253241506380108130
Displacementcc 121825324150.36380.4108.3129.8
Max continuous pressurebar350350350350350350350350350350
Maximum intermittent peak pressure ≤ 5 secondsbar400400400400400400400400400400
Maximum rotating speed at absolute pressure 1 bar hose 2"rpm3150290027502700255024502300215019001750
Max. torque absorbed at 350 barNm71107148190243292362460619730
WeightWithout inlet fittingkg9.29.259.311.111.1511.211.2514.8514.9515.35
With inlet fitting 2"kg9.659.79.7511.5511.611.6511.715.315.415.8
Overhang torqueWithout inlet fittingNm8.748.798.8411.111.1511.7611.8117.8217.9418.73
With inlet fitting 2"Nm9.179.219.2611.5511.612.2312.2818.3618.4819.28
Dimensions (mm)A196.7196.7196.7202.8202.8214.4214.4241.7241.7244


For further information, please feel free to download or contact our related application engineers.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Tel:+86 021-20221953

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